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A fresh take on the Lord's Prayer

I can appreciate a fresh take on the Lord's Prayer, especially one that makes sense of Jesus' words and leads me into a place of humble connection with God. The following is adapted from Jack Hayford's book Glory on Your House. A friend recommended the book to me while I was on vacation. This post lays out a way we can pray the Lord's Prayer every day (or multiple times a day) in such a way that we re-establish a right relationship with God. 
Imagine a royal throne, gilded and magnificent but sitting empty. There is a great and mighty king who by all appearances should be sitting on the throne. However, he has generously given to one of his subjects the sovereign right to sit on the throne. This suits the subject, because she lusts for the throne. The king is wise and benevolent. His subject tends toward selfishness. The throne sits open. Who will sit in it? Who will rule?
This drama gets played out every moment of every day in our lives. The following is a way to pra…