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Thursday (Thanksgiving) and Friday

Believe it or not, we pigged out on a huge American style Thanksgiving meal yesterday. Just like any other Thanksgiving, I ate way too much food. We went to a party with some local folks the Manasseros know. It was fun!

Today David and I held our last Bible study with the leaders of Maison de Lumiere. They are sharp folks and very caring. It has been such an honor to serve them!

In the afternoon, we helped the kids paint t-shirts. That was a blast! I especially liked sitting with the littler kids, holding their t-shirt in place so they could paint on it, helping them get the right paintbrush, and wiping the inevitable paint smears off their arms. You will see those t-shirts sometime soon, as we will be selling them in a fundraiser.

Tonight we held a worship gathering for all the kids at the boys’ house. What a blast! When they really get going with Creole songs, it is a wonder to behold. I couldn’t sing along, so I just prayed and looked around. Each time I gazed on a kid’s face, I felt …

A seriously great day

It was one of those days that you want to live over again just so you can soak up its goodness a little more. And think of it. When we live one of these incredibly good days, we still haven’t seen anything like what we will experience in the age to come, when we are completely open and love flows without restriction. God is good!

Highlight #1: Praying for the orphanage leaders. David Jones and I have held a daily Bible study for the leaders of the boys’ and girls’ home. This morning our team gathered, and we spent about 20 minutes praying over the five leaders (Zach, Fritz, Marval, Erta, and Navy). It means a lot to them to receive ministry from missionary teams. The focus of everyone’s attention is the kids, as it should be. That made it even more gratifying to bless the leaders with prayer.

Highlight #2: The Beck boys. It has been amazing to watch Spencer and Nathaniel mix with the kids here. When you think about it, it is not all that common for kids to come here on a mission team. S…

What made my day yesterday and today

I didn't blog last night because in the time we have available for blogging and such, a "God thing" happened. I was sitting on the back porch talking with Morgan Keach and David Jones about life and Haiti and God. About 10:00, Markenson, one of the orphanage graduates and and currently a Maison de Lumiere employee, walked by with his bedding to go sleep up on the roof. (The flat roof of the guest house is a very desireable place to sleep when it is so hot.) As soon as Markenson passed us, a little voice in my head said, "Pray for him." That little voice is a good one to follow.

A couple minutes later, David, Morgan, and I were on the roof with Markenson and his friend Robinson, the night security guard. With the cool evening breeze drifting over us, we gathered around Markenson, placing our hands on his back and praying quietly for him. Markenson aspires to be a pastor, but he lacks the means to go to Bible school. We found ourselves praying for his future, grow…

Day 2 of our Haiti trip

Great day today! We went to church with the Maison de Lumiere folks (Manasseros, staff, and kids). Then it was lunch at the Manasseros' house. Then we spent the afternoon hanging out with the kids.

In the afternoon, the older kids played a Bible Challenge game that they set up like a game show, in which a team of boys and a team of girls square off against each other in a contest of Bible knowledge. Lucas and I watched from the back of the room in which the game was being played. We had some great laughs! One of the kids (Patrick) graciously served as interpreter, but we still couldn't understand what was going on half the time. We just knew that at decisive moments, all the boys or all the girls would erupt in elation that their team had scored a point. As the game went on, we embraced our confusion and cheered wildly whenever either side expressed happiness. Every time we cheered, one side looked at us with approval, while the other side glared at us to express their displeas…

We're here!

We are here! The team made it to Maison de Lumiere without any incidents. We are exhausted, though. Travel started with a massive check-in procedure (12 people flying from LA with 23 checked bags plus carry-ons). Then we flew the red-eye from LA to New York (it's much better to fly through Florida, but that option was not available to us this time). Our connection between flights was very quick, so we didn't even stop for a cup of coffee in JFK before boarding the plane for Port au Prince. All told, we spent about 15 straight hours in airports. Everyone is turning in early tonight.

And... what it's all about... we finally got to see the people of Maison de Lumiere today!! That begins with the Manasseros and the staff of the orphanage. But most enthralling of all is renewing relationships with the kids. We got to worship with them tonight, and it turned into a raucous time of singing and clapping. We rejoiced because of the goodness of God ("Bondye bon!"), and also…

Leaving for Haiti tonight!

This is an entirely new thing for the Becks, going as a family on a major mission trip. I'm not sure what to expect. But I know this. If we want to see great things happen in and through us, it helps to put ourselves in situations where need is great. And in Haiti, need is truly great. It is beyond great. It's overwhelming. There is no country in the Western world more wracked with poverty and corruption. Yet Haitians are captivatingly hospitable and receptive. So, not knowing how this trip is going to affect us, here we go. Into the fray. Into the gripping paradox that is Haiti.

"He will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways;
they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone" (Ps 91:11-12).