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What I learned from marrying two 92-year-olds

I wanted to know how I got so lucky. This past Sunday I found myself performing a wedding for a pair of 92-year-olds, Roy and Elaine. It was absolutely unforgettable. Here are three things I learned from the experience.

1. Live in the moment. At 92, you don't take anything for granted. By that time in life, you have mourned the loss of many friends and loved ones. Everything Roy and Elaine do seems to reflect this approach to their relationship: savor every moment you have together. The two are often seen holding hands and gazing lovingly into each other's eyes. And there's nothing fake about it.

2. Keep it simple -- enjoy someone. I have had the privilege of officiating several weddings, and I've led couples through saying their vows to one another. There was something different going on when Roy and Elaine said their vows. Each word was measured and spoken with conviction that can only come from someone who has seen 92 years worth of life. Maybe it was Roy and Elaine…