Backpacking at the Dinkey Lakes

I just returned from a backpacking trip in the high Sierras with my dad and oldest son. We packed in an area near Fresno called the Dinkey Lakes Wilderness. Yes, the lakes were dinky, as in small. Most natural alpine lakes are. But the place is really named for a small dog named Dinkey who protected his master by attacking a charging grizzly bear, giving the man time enough to grap a rifle and kill the bear. Dinkey lost his life for his act of heroism, but he was such an inspiration that an entire Sierra wilderness was named after him.

Anyway, we visited eight lakes, each of them stunningly beautiful in its own right. The visit was everything we could have hoped. We shared adventure, exploring places we had never been. We fished -- successfully. We swam and goofed off. We enjoyed each other's company. There is nothing like three generations of a family getting large chunks of uninterrupted time together. The bonds between all three of us were strengthened, and for that we are deeply thankful.


  1. way to lay ahold of the generational transformation!

    i love hanging out with my mom and grandma. there is something amazingly undescriable about 3 generations there together.

  2. Eric M. (from KHC)February 7, 2009 at 2:11 PM

    That is great. Did you get a chance to climb the Three Sisters peak?

  3. We didn't climb Three Sisters, but we were right there. We swam in Finderbowl Lake, which was crystal clear, spectacular, and a bit chilly. It was a hoot!


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