How pastors are made... according to a six-year-old

Tonight at the dinner table my wife and I witnessed a very telling dramatization of one of life's great mysteries: how pastors are made. Our six-year-old son plucked off his plate one tater tot in each hand and began to narrate. Raising one tot, he says, "This is Jesus." Raising the other, he adds, "And this is a bad guy."

He rams the Jesus tot against the bad guy tot. "Jesus beats up the bad guy."

Pieces begin falling off the wounded tot, but the Jesus tot pushes them back into place. "Jesus heals him."

The Jesus tot begins bobbing up and down toward the suddenly healed, bad guy tot. "And then Jesus tells him about himself."

The bad guy tot is held triumphantly. "And then he makes him become a pastor."

Chomp! "And then I ate him!" Thus ends the tale of the bad-guy-beaten-up-by-Jesus-but-then-healed-and-turned-into-a-pastor-and-suddenly-eaten-alive.

Disclaimer: While the account of the tot dramatization is factual, there is no known correspondence between the bad-guy-turned-pastor-and-then-eaten-alive tot and any actual pastors... no matter how much you can relate to the story!


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