20th Anniversary!

Today is Susan's and my 20th wedding anniversary! That's exactly 7,300 days. Seven thousand, three hundred days... and not one argument. Ha!

After 7,300 days, you think you would know all there is to know about each other. Not hardly! We are still discovering how to love and serve one another. Love is never static.

And after 7300 days, I am aware that I have not figured out all things marital. Like the vast majority of other men, I am slow on the uptake. (Hint to guys -- understanding that you are dimwitted breeds humility. Remember this: Humility good. Arrogance bad.)

The other day I was telling a couple of women friends at church about Susan's and my anniversary. Feigning great wisdom, I boldly stated, "The next 20 years will be really good, because I won't be nearly as stupid as I was in the first 20 years." Both of them burst out laughing. One replied dryly, "Yeah, right." The other chimed in, "Of course not." The joke was on me, and I got as big a kick out of it as they did. :-)


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