Secret plots

Something I was struck by in this morning's devotional reading... Psalm 64 is a commentary on danger and protection. The psalmist presents a "complaint" with God. It is a bit like an attorney making an argument. In this case, the argument is: people have been plotting evil against me; please protect me!

There are two things to notice about this Psalm (probably more than two). First, evil plots are a fact of life. Evil exists in and around us, and evil is not static. It is dynamic, always looking to snuff out good. We should not be surprised when evil plots are exposed, even when the evil plots are aligned against an innocent person. Evil is dynamic and insatiable.

Second, just as evil plots should not surprise us, neither should they terrify us. The Psalmist presents his case to God, but he also expresses foundational trust in God. He asks God for protection: "Hide me from the secret plots of the wicked..." (v. 2). Then he expresses his faith starting in v. 7. The transition happens with these words: "But God will..." God is not static either. He will act on behalf of his children. God will provide the protection that is needed. He is our protection. He is our peace.


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