What is the "simple life"?

Does this sound familiar? Life feels like it is a train rumbling down the tracks at breakneck speed, and you are holding onto the back of the caboose with your feet flying off the ground.

A lot of us feel this way, and that is why conversations frequently pop up about the "simple life." Here is the question. What is the simple life? Does simplicity mean doing less, or does it mean being clear about our priorities?

If simplicity means doing less, then we need to attack our schedules. We need to put more "margins" into our lives so we have time to breathe and relate to others.

If simplicity means being clear about our priorities, then we need to sit down and examine what we think is important. Our use of time and energy should then reflect our priorities.

So which is it? Doing less? Having clear priorities? A little of both?


  1. I hope I'm not misinterpreting what you are saying but I wonder if, in order to have the "simple life" we need to have neither a life of doing less or simply a prioritized life but rather a centralized life. What I mean is that if life is about priorities then I'm not sure it is the "simple life." I'm sure you would agree with me that relationship with God is the central purpose of life. Priorities should flow from not work toward a "simple life." I wonder if when I make life about priorities I'm reducing life down to triage—a human focused operation. What do you think?


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