Day 2 of our Haiti trip

Great day today! We went to church with the Maison de Lumiere folks (Manasseros, staff, and kids). Then it was lunch at the Manasseros' house. Then we spent the afternoon hanging out with the kids.

In the afternoon, the older kids played a Bible Challenge game that they set up like a game show, in which a team of boys and a team of girls square off against each other in a contest of Bible knowledge. Lucas and I watched from the back of the room in which the game was being played. We had some great laughs! One of the kids (Patrick) graciously served as interpreter, but we still couldn't understand what was going on half the time. We just knew that at decisive moments, all the boys or all the girls would erupt in elation that their team had scored a point. As the game went on, we embraced our confusion and cheered wildly whenever either side expressed happiness. Every time we cheered, one side looked at us with approval, while the other side glared at us to express their displeasure. We both thought this was great fun.

Have you ever been with Lucas when he is cheering wildly? It is something to behold.

BTW, the boys won 9-7. :-)

On a more spiritual note, at church in the morning, I took note that the presence of God feels the same here as it does in L.A. Jesus is "the same yesterday, today, and forever," and he is also the same any place. Love, spiritual gifts, truth -- they come from one God, who you can know equally among Haitians as among Americans. "Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one" (Deut 6:4).


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