We're here!

We are here! The team made it to Maison de Lumiere without any incidents. We are exhausted, though. Travel started with a massive check-in procedure (12 people flying from LA with 23 checked bags plus carry-ons). Then we flew the red-eye from LA to New York (it's much better to fly through Florida, but that option was not available to us this time). Our connection between flights was very quick, so we didn't even stop for a cup of coffee in JFK before boarding the plane for Port au Prince. All told, we spent about 15 straight hours in airports. Everyone is turning in early tonight.

And... what it's all about... we finally got to see the people of Maison de Lumiere today!! That begins with the Manasseros and the staff of the orphanage. But most enthralling of all is renewing relationships with the kids. We got to worship with them tonight, and it turned into a raucous time of singing and clapping. We rejoiced because of the goodness of God ("Bondye bon!"), and also because the kids are celebrating having us in town, and we are giddy to be here with them.

Worshiping with the kids is always a highlight of coming to MDL. Their joy is heartfelt, and they express it freely. You really need to experience it sometime!


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