Arrival in Santo Domingo

Our team of four is all here in the YWAM facility in Santo Domingo! I met up with Rod Meadth in the Miami airport, and we flew into SD. We got through customs very quickly. Maybe too quickly. At the customs booth, the man asked if we spoke Espanol. "No espanol." Wanting to help, we offered up English and Creole. No dice. Apparently reaching his threshold of patience, the man just handed us our passports and waved us through. It was one of those precious travel moments.

Rod and I then shared a taxi ride to the YWAM base. Our directions included clues like "after the water tanks, turn right." Our driver spoke no English, so we couldn't help him. None of us could find the water tanks in the dark. Finally the driver pulled over and asked directions at a gas station. That got us closer. After asking for directions once more, we finally arrived at the base, relieved and amused by the whole process.

Rod and I just ate a late dinner while listening to a group of staff members worship and pray in Spanish. We couldn't understand much beyond "Dios" and "Senior," but the Spirit was sweet. As Rod observed, the love of God looks the same no matter where you are in the world.

We get up at 3:30 and board the bus at 4:00, bound for Maison de Lumiere. That gives us almost four hours of sleep. :-)


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