Something to tremble at

I am reminded this morning of what a precious gift a church is. It's a collection of people's hearts and souls. We all carry baggage and sometimes spend our energy trying to make the church become what we want it to be, and that can make community difficult. But in the midst of that messiness, there is a precious element that can be marveled at but not dissected or controlled. To us, the human heart is a mystery. To God, the human heart is a beloved treasure. As a living collection of mysterious treasures, the church is a truly remarkable phenomenon.

What is more, being a pastor or any kind of leader in a spiritual setting, or even just a member of a church, is something to tremble at. 


  1. Dave! I thought of you guys this morning and was missing you and your blog post made that even more so. I'm glad to hear that God is causing you to tremble. May He continue to do so. Give my love to Susan.

  2. Thanks, Suzie! It's great to hear from you. God's grace and peace to you, Steve, and the boys.


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