A Bible reading and devotional plan for Lent

Lent starts tomorrow! Do you have a plan? Maybe Lent has snuck up on you, and your current answer is no. I've got an idea for you, and we can all do this together. If you like the idea and want to include your friends, refer them to this post.

Lent in a nutshell
Lent is the season leading up to Easter. It has historically been a time when Christians have given up things they ordinarily have in order to focus more energy on their relationship with God. It's not a time to feel guilty. It's a time to focus more intently.

Lent officially starts on Ash Wednesday, which is tomorrow, February 13. The season ends on Sunday, March 31. That's 53 days later. Therefore, I found a 53-day reading plan to follow.

A shout-out for YouVersion
This year I am going to follow a Bible reading plan I found on one of my favorite smartphone apps, YouVersion. Don't have a smartphone? You can access YouVersion through the web at www.youversion.com.

If you don't already use YouVersion, you should. You can have the Bible in many different translations in your pocket at all times. You can copy verses and email them to people. You can listen to the Bible being read aloud -- something I do quite often at night or while running. All this for free!

A Bible reading plan for Lent
When you open YouVersion, find Plans, and search for "Lent" plans. There is a handful of them to choose from. I have selected "Lent for Everyone" -- a devotional prepared by one of my biblical scholars, N. T. Wright. Starting tomorrow and continuing for the next 53 days, "Lent for Everyone" will guide us through the book of Matthew, some other Scriptures, and Wright's insightful commentary. I estimate it will take about 20 minutes a day to do the reading and leave time for a few minutes with God.

"Lent for Everyone" is a published book being offered for free. I'm taking advantage of the offer. Come on along! Finally, Lent Bible reading plans are always better if you do them with friends or family. Refer people to this post or send them to YouVersion. Gather some folks, and let's do this together! I'll be writing about it as we go.


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