Finding yourself between two worlds

Do you ever find yourself between two worlds? It happened to me today.

World #1: the homeless center
In the morning, I went to Loaves and Fishes, Sacramento's largest center for homeless support. I talked with three men about their lives, their living situations, and their thoughts about God. Until recently, it would have freaked me out to spend time with homeless folks. But God has worked in my heart. I really enjoy being with these guys and taking in their non-standard views of the world. I also think that the fringes of society are where Jesus is most likely to be found.

World #2: the chamber of commerce
After Loaves and Fishes, I did some email work, then I went to the East Sacramento Chamber of Commerce luncheon. These also are great folks, and I have been very warmly received in their circle. Toward the end of our meeting today, a sergeant from the police department did an update on things going on in the community. He talked about some recent crimes and a house where they are having trouble with the renters. When he opened up for questions and comments, I was struck by the tone people used when they talked about problems they are having with homeless folks panhandling, camping, and doing other things near their businesses. I could sympathize. They are trying to run a successful business, and they need their customers to be comfortable. Still, with the morning's experiences fresh in my mind, it was strange to hear my new homeless friends talked about as public annoyances. To me they were no longer "the homeless." They were Kevin and Edward and Vernon.


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