"Come away and be my son"

Last time I posted, I described God's love as Creator that he made known to me on my recent retreat. In
this post, I want to tell you what he really wanted to say. It's a message I believe we all need to hear and be reminded of.

As I started my retreat, I was praying, "Father, I have two days, and this is technically 'work time.' I want to come away with something I can bring back with me -- a 'product' or 'result.' Something that will help me and/or Sanctuary move forward. But more than anything, I really want to know what you want to do."

Through the course of the next several hours, God's agenda became clear to me. His call was: "Come away and be my son."

Over and over I heard these words in my heart. "Come away and be my son."

Not "produce something." Not "make something happen." Just "be my son." Just "be."

One of the beauties of the retreat is that I had hours to do nothing except pray. I conversed with God. We simply spent time together. I think that was the element that helped his message sink in to my heart.
Note to self: you need to plan extended times when you can be open to God, letting him tell you what's on his mind instead of the other way around.
As it turned out, "Come away and be my son" was itself the takeaway from the retreat. I am quick to jump to what I can do to go forward with God. He wants me to be with him. Ironically, if I am going to go forward with God, it involves simply being with him as his son.

I invite you to spend some time simply being God's son or daughter. Reflect on his abundant mercy and grace that led to him adopting you into his family. Soak up his goodness. Be his child. It will renew your soul!


  1. Great word David. The Lord has said something similar to me when I have sought him for something in particular. I need to get away to just be with him sometime again soon. I've been trying to for about 2 months...but the "important" things of the world crowd out that kind of time. Bless you brother! I appreciate your heart.


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