Who has it backwards -- God or us?

Deep communion with God changes everything. That includes your perspective on life. Want some examples of an altered perspective? Check out a sampling of the instructions from the first chapter of James:
Consider it "pure joy" when you face trials. (James 1:2)
If you are humble, think of yourself as having a high position (because you are just as important as a rich person in God's eyes), and if you are rich, think of yourself as having a low position (because you are no more important than the "least of these"). (1:9-10)
It is better to listen than to speak. (1:19) 
Rather than trying to ratchet your social circles upward, spend time with orphans and widows by entering into their distress. (1:27) 
James is turning our values upside down, isn't he? Living with God means adopting his values instead of expecting him to adopt ours. God is not as into the American Dream as a lot of people think.

And how do we adopt God's values? Commune with him. Read Scripture and chew on it all through the day. Act it out and see what happens. The journey to a changed perspective is made up of many small steps.


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