The joy of driving in the slow lane

Are you playing The Slowing Game with us? (See Monday's post.) I have enjoyed it a lot more than I
expected. It is uncomfortable, but every time I experience the awkwardness of doing something like driving in the slowest lane, it reminds me to be still on the inside and connect with God. Even in the slow lane, you're still going 65. It's amazing how you can be hurtling down a road at 65 miles per hour in a metal cage on wheels and at the same time be utterly at peace in the inner sanctuary of your own heart. Deep within you the stillness of God resides.
Always there. 
Being with God shifts your perspective. By the time you get to where you are going, your frame of mind reflects more of God's character. I'm not sure why we think rushing around is such a great idea when consciously slowing gives us the chance to be with God while we are doing other things.

Our culture worships at the altar of speed and efficiency. If you drive fast, you can get there sooner and get more done. But what's the real measure of an efficient life? What is the "more" we are after? Getting more done but connecting with God less? Or connecting with God more even if it means getting less done? It's a matter of perspective and priorities.

If you aren't playing The Slowing Game yet, you are missing out.


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