How does one follow Jesus? In a zig-zag pattern.

Living out Jesus' teachings is almost never a matter of going forward in a straight line. But God already knows that about us, and he cares much more about the "forward" part than the "straight line" part.

Here's how one of my friends is going forward, albeit it with some zig-zagging. A couple weeks ago at Sanctuary, I preached on Jesus' command in Matthew 5 about how it's better for his people not to make oaths. Why? Because our word should be as good as gold whether or not we attach "I really mean it this time" phrases like "I promise" or "I swear." Here's what my friend told me today:

Since the sermon a couple of weeks ago about being people of our word, I have been very aware of commitments that I make and honoring them even when (especially when?) I don't feel like doing so.  This is how I used to live my life, unfailingly, thanks to my wonderful parents.  Somewhere along the line, my word became a maybe despite my assertions that it was good as gold.  Unfortunately, yesterday I had to back out of a commitment I made to some friends so that I could take care of things at home.  Today I am back on the "wagon" of being a person of my word.

May God give us the grace today to own up to our zigs and zags, and keep going forward cheerfully.


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