"Think Advent" and the joy of the season

 This is the season of Advent. 'Advent' means "arrival, appearing." It's one thing to say "Advent" in a religious way, like you might say "independence" on the Fourth of July. But what happens if you think Advent? That means paying attention to how God is appearing today, in this moment. It means practicing EAT -- "Enjoy-and-Thank."

"Think Advent": How is God arriving or appearing in your day right now, especially in the simple things you might otherwise take for granted?
For instance, in this morning's devotional readings, there was a sentence, "He causes me to dwell in safety." "Thinking Advent" helps me to stop and pay attention to elements of life I would normally take for granted.  So I took the thought from the devotions and combined it with Advent. "Dwelling in safety... Advent... How is God appearing in ways that give me safety?" ImmAdvent!
ediately I thought about having a safe, warm house this morning. I also envisioned our church community, surrounding me like a forest surrounds a tree so the tree is not alone to the elements. Today God is here, and I can write this post because He causes me to dwell in safety.

How is Advent happening for you today? Here are some starter questions...

How is God causing you to dwell in safety?
How is he leading you in paths for your utmost good and the good of someone else?
How is he forgiving your propensity toward destruction of yourself and others?
How is he helping you let down your guard so you might give and receive love in simple acts of kindness?

Now I invite you to "think Advent" in your own ways. And see if the joy of the season doesn't start to rise in your heart!


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