Being a church that makes a difference

I just read an outstanding article written by my friend, Tim Morey, pastor of Life Covenant Church in Torrance, CA. His article, entitled Reflections of a Young Church Plant, bursts with passion, vision, and hard-earned wisdom about his church's successes and failures to be a community that makes a difference in the world.

It is challenging on a personal level as well. See if you aren't prompted to prayerfully ask some pointed questions. For instance, Tim speaks of his church's struggle to fend off the ongoing siren song of consumerism. As Darrell Gruder puts it, the consumer mentality sees the church as a "vendor of religious services and goods." You have to ask yourself, "How much do I reflect this kind of mentality? How much do I encourage it in others?" These are crucial questions for us have-it-my-way suburbanites to ask ourselves.

Thanks Tim!


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