Homosexuality and the church -- post 2

More dialogue with Dan Kimball's book, They Like Jesus but Not the Church...

Point #2 -- Stigmatizing homosexuality.

-- From Kimball: One of the most harmful ways the way the church has dealt with homosexuality has been to stigmatize it, casting gays as sexual deviates with an insidious political agenda. It would be much more helpful if the church would treat homosexuality as one sin alongside many others -- no worse and no better. (This is best stated on p. 142 by Karen, a Christian who has struggled with same-sex attraction.)

-- My comment: I completely agree! We all have compulsions to stray from God's will in one way or another. I don't see homosexual practice as being qualitatively any better or worse than human ambition, overeating, gossiping, coveting, etc. However, these sins are repeated in the church so regularly that they are practically part of accepted Christian culture. When someone exercises human ambition in the church, he is usually promoted to greater responsibility. But when someone confesses to a homosexual orientation, he is often ostracized. That should not be.


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