Homosexuality and the church -- post 4

More dialogue with Dan Kimball's book, They Like Jesus but Not the Church...

Point #4 -- Supporting people in the church.

-- From Kimball: One of Kimball's interviewees, Chad, states well on p. 157 that gays sacrifice a great deal to give up not only a sexual attraction but an entire support system as well. Most of the church does not understand the relational toll involved in transitioning out of a homosexual lifestyle. The most critical missing piece in the church's ministry to homosexuals is providing close relational support, especially from heterosexuals who can come alongside. Chad says, "The church does not know how desperately [homosexuals in the church] need emotional support. I know plenty of examples of gays who were trying to change and joined a church but could not find the support they needed."

-- My comment: It would be heartbreaking to have someone leave the church because he/she was unable to find relational support to follow through on a life-decision to follow Christ more closely. The best way we can provide this kind of support is by promoting an atmosphere of openness and transparency, along with an eagerness to "bear one another's burdens." It can be done!


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