Reading The Shack

I will probably finish The Shack tonight. It's an interesting and entertaining read. I can see why many people have heartburn with the book, for it presents a theological picture that will rattle your cage. However, having our cages rattled isn't always a bad thing. Jesus rattled a lot of cages. He is the "stone over which many will stumble," isn't he? I am not saying The Shack is a revelation of God on par with Jesus, but it does contain some points that are edifying. I'll reserve further comments until I'm finished with the book.

Had a great Valentine's dinner last night with two other couples, the Hockers and the Wrights. What a blast! Speaking of Valentine's day, I have to share this poem written by our 7-year-old Nathaniel. It might be as profound as The Shack!

Love feels like a warm blanket.
Love tastes like a hot fudge sunday.
Love smells like food.
Love sounds like a breeze of the soft wind.
Love looks like kisses.


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