Today I had a great conversation with a friend from Sanctuary. It really centered me, but in an awkward way. I'm sitting there playing the part of spiritual mentor, and the whole time my friend is talking, I'm thinking, "I need to hear this." It was one of those teacher-finds-himself-being-the-student moments. I liked it, although it was sometimes uncomfortable. But how important is comfort, anyway?

The subject matter was communion with God. Being centered means I was brought back to that single greatest commitment in all of life: to be in loving communion with God first, foremost, and before all else. He wants us more than all the things we can do for him. Scripture conveys that message with great clarity. It's just easy to let slip or set aside, especially in the seasons when we find ourselves pressed with activity. If you need to be centered today, like I did, I hope this helps.


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