Is it church or a convention?

At our Sanctuary Easter service, I met a new friend who delivered the funniest and most telling line in have heard in a while. She said, "This is the first time I have ever been in a church."

I replied, "Really? That's a big deal."

She explained, "Well, I was in a church once before, but I didn't know it was a church. I thought it was a convention. There was a man on the stage who was interviewing a woman, and he kept telling all sorts of jokes."

I love to laugh at us Christians, and there's something about a church being mistaken for a convention that I find funny. At the same time, it isn't funny at all that church could look more like a convention than a sacred gathering. It was like in an instant, she had pulled away the curtain and revealed that the awe-inspiring Wizard of Oz was just a man with a microphone. It was a very telling comment indeed. As a pastor, she reminded me of the importance of connecting with God in church gatherings rather than getting pulled (yet again) into the nectar-laden trap of playing to a crowd. Also, she reminded me that a large church might be more entertaining, but it isn't necessarily closer to God than a small church. She is a truthteller, and I hope she comes back to Sanctuary. The church needs truthtellers.


  1. I appreciate this and I'm always so glad to learn as the "un-churched" help us (the church) see what they see. You and I know that the church isn't a building. You and I know the church is a community of people who are Christ followers. Yet sometimes the people distort the beautiful view of "The Church" God wants on display for all the world to see. I am glad to serve the Lord with a pastor who is believing for an authentic expression of Gods heart to the nations and for the people of God to be Image bearers of Jesus. Serious stuff!
    Although I sure like a good laugh now and then...
    Thankful for you Pastor Dave


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