Adopting a "grace first" approach to people

This morning I began reading a book called The Grace Outpouring: Becoming a People of Blessing, by Roy Godwin and Dave Roberts. The authors talk about having a "grace first" lifestyle, specifically toward those who don't have faith in Jesus:
Having a heart to bless will challenge the judgmental mindset that can color how we look at those we live with and among. We can become a "grace first" people. We're still asking people to turn away from rebellion against God, but we're seeking to be part of the revelation from the Father that his primary desire to bless those he created in his image. (location 187 of 2222)
Godwin and his wife relate stories of praying God's blessing over people and seeing God reveal himself to them. People started encountering God. They started coming to faith. But not everyone agreed with this approach.
We found that there is often resistance to heart habits that incline toward grace. There were plenty of Christians who told me that our practice of blessing people who were not yet Christian was absolutely wrong. We were advised that it would be much better to cry out to God to make things much worse for them. 
There is no doubt that God often gets through to people when they hit "rock bottom." The point Godwin and Roberts are making is that our approach to people can be to bless. Then we can leave wrath and judgement up to God.

Where are you on this spectrum? How are you approaching people today -- "grace first" or "grace second?"


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