Doing church with shock and amazement

Last night I dozed off during a tv show about Pearl Harbor and drifted, half awake, into a show called Decoded. It was about finding secret messages in the artwork of Leonardo DaVinci. I found the analysis of DaVinci's work mildly interesting. What really caught my attention was how the show is filmed. It gave me a vision of how can do church (tongue in cheek!).

In Decoded, there are three investigators who go out and interview "experts" (I wonder about their actual expertise) about the subject in question. Every conversation goes like this:

  • Camera shows the investigators talking with the expert. One investigator asks a question.
  • Expert gives an answer.
  • Investigators give a surprised look to one another as if to say, "Did you hear that?!?"
  • Repeat several times...
Never mind the fact that a lot of the answers the experts give are interesting but not really that earth shaking. It doesn't matter. The looks of shock and amazement are exchanged after almost every comment an expert makes.

Now... imagine doing church like this.
  • Pastor says something in his sermon.
  • People look at one another in shock and amazement.
  • Repeat many times for a half hour or so.
To me, this is a fantastic idea. Think of the non-Christians and visitors. They see God's people being rocked by the sermon. They find themselves wanting to repent. Conversions skyrocket. Tithes go up. World peace is just around the corner...


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