How Jesus' home life shaped who he became

What characterized the home into which Jesus was born? 

Over the last three Christmas seasons, I have reflected more and more on this question. Joseph was upright and merciful. Mary was humble and obedient. Both had courage to follow the very costly path God laid out for them -- raise the savior of the world but be perceived by everyone to have "hooked up" before they were married.

Today I am thinking about the stigma of "sinner" that both Joseph and Mary carried. Jesus was born and raised in a house stained with the scarlet letter. Who does he connect with later? The "sinners" of Jewish society.

God used Jesus' home life to prepare him for his messianic ministry. Both the damaged reputation and the virtues of Jesus' parents would be relevant. Upright, merciful, humble, obedient, and courageous -- this describes the adult Jesus. Perceived by many as being a sinner -- this does as well. Both were key parts of Jesus' home life.


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