What The Voice teaches us about the Christian life

I admit it -- I can't stop watching The Voice. I have never watched American Idol, nor a previous season of The Voice. This is something new for me. Here's why I like this program:

  • Reason #1: It is a display of human passion. All the singers have talent, but the ones who do best are the singers who have found a way to give voice to passion and emotion. As a pastor, I pay attention to passion in my heart and the hearts of others. There is definitely overlap between music and living the Christian life.
  • Reason #2: The drama is great. The singers come from a variety of backgrounds, from the pro who has worked on Broadway to the guy who makes sandwiches for a living. The pressure is immense for people who feel like this is their one big chance. I also love watching the reactions of family members.
  • Reason #3: I love music. It's fun to watch performers laying it on the line. And there is a wide variety of musical styles, from pop to rock to R&B to blues. I have found performances to appreciate even in genres I don't normally listen to. 
  • Reason #4: The celebs don't tear down the singers. No one is mocked. That's nice. The singers who are turned away are affirmed for their talent. 
Since my blog centers on the Christian life, let me comment a little more on passion. Many books are being written today, encouraging Christians to find the light of God that burns deep within our hearts.  It's not an easy thing to do. People tell us we can't do this or that. (It has happened to me.) We sometimes aren't really in touch with what is going deep within us. (I struggle there.) We let hurry take over, and we don't pay close enough attention to what God is doing in our hearts. (Another personal struggle.) For these reasons and others, passion can get stifled or buried within us. And God is often -- although not always -- working in our passions.

Because I want to keep getting better at moving with God as he moves deep within me, I am becoming more of a student of passion as it gets expressed in music, writing, acting, courageous deeds, and a lot of other places. I have a feeling God is using The Voice as part of this education process for me. I don't really know how the rest of the season works, but so far I'm glad a friend referred me to The Voice!


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