Haiti team post from Friday, May 11

We are back in Haiti! below is a repost from our Haiti team blog, http://esperehaiti.blogspot.com... You can follow the trip from either blog.

Haiti team, May 2012!

14 bags packed full of donations at Maison de Lumiere in Haiti... Each bag packed to the limit of 50 pounds... This time we majored in school supplies, musical instruments (percussion, to be specific), and supplies for Haitian artisans.

8 team members making last-minute preparations... Jim Quayle, Pam Fuhrman, Derek Connor, Bret Widman, Hannah Widman, Rose Adamson, David Beck, and -- joining us from Switzerland -- Erick Soderlund.

The plane leaves Sacramento at 1:40!

In Haitian Creole: "Ann ale fe sa!" (pronounced "ahn al-AY feh sah")
In English: "Let's do this!"


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