Getting the Senterras a tent!

Yesterday Marc and I closed the deal on getting the Senterras a tent! We walked over there with Pastor Chris and Erta, found Ticia at her workplace, a house two doors down from where they are living. Ticia is a cleaning woman. We then headed down the street to her house. She asked us to wait a minute, and she ran ahead of us. I was puzzled by this until we walked up to the doorway in the metal gate at the front of the property. I caught a glimpse of Ticia running quickly to the bed that sits in the dirt yard under the banana tree and putting a fitted sheet on it. I then understood. She was making the house nice for her guests. Out of respect, I stopped and waited a minute. When we entered through the doorway, she was patting the sheet. She then stood proudly, smiled broadly, and welcomed us into her home.

We exchanged pleasantries for a short time, and then Marc got the tent out. We assembled it quickly. Then we spent a few minutes tying down the rainfly so the tent would ventilate. At last it was finished! A new dwelling for this family!

I leaned over and asked Ticia how she liked her tent. "Bel kay!", she gushed. "Bel anpil! Mesi Jezi!" ("It is a beautiful house! Very beautiful! Thank you Jesus!")

I don't know how long Haitians plan to keep sleeping outside. I have wondered how long this can last. For the Senterras, at least, they now have a dry, mosquito-free dwelling in which to spend the night. Mesi Jezi!


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