A happy birthday and going further with Isyanna's family

Two noteworthy things happened yesterday when I was at the feeding program. First, Erta had the kids sing happy birthday to Chris Cannon in both English and Creole, and then they mobbed him and pulled him to the ground. He said it was the best "happy birthday" he has experienced.
The other thing was that I was sitting next to Marc Williams on the steps at the Ben's, and Isyanna Senterra was playing in front of us. Marc leaned over and said, "There's something about that girl. I can't put my finger on it, but there's something special about her." That kicked off a conversation which ended with Marc agreeing enthusiastically to adopt the Senterras after I leave here.

In addition, Marc had a tent he wanted to give away, and he was looking for the right recipient. After the feeding program, we walked to the Senterras' place so he could see their living conditions. Like me, he has fallen for this family. They are sweet, full of life, quick with humor, and dirt poor. Right away Marc knew this was the destination for his tent.


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