Sunday and Monday

It's quiet at the Guest House now. I wanted to write about a few highlights from yesterday and today.

Yesterday was Sunday, and we went to church at Quisqueya Chapel, which is a block from the boys' home. The building was large and packed out. There must have been 500 people there -- Haitians but also many people from around the world. The service was in English. The highlight of the service was when Ariana and her friend Ruth got up and sang "The God of this City." They prefaced the song by relating that when the earthquake hit, they were both singing this particular song, even though they were in different parts of the city. Ari was on the second floor of a school building with her cousin Nikki, looking out over Port-au-Prince and singing the song. Ruth was on a rooftop, looking out over Port-au-Prince, writing down what she wants God to do in Haiti in 2010, and singing the same song. That's amazing in itself... and maybe prophetic.

Ari and Ruth are close friends, and they often sing together for the church youth group. Their duet at the church service was smooth and very powerful. The Spirit fell on all of us as they sang.

Today was punctuated by a staff meeting in the morning. We are transitioning from crisis response to rebuilding. The needs at the orphanage are not so medically oriented. They are now turning to security and construction. We talked about establishing a schedule for the kids to keep them busy and their minds active, even while school is not in session.

I also met with Fritz and Marval, two staff members. Marval is mourning the loss of some of his best friends. Fritz now has 20 relatives living in his home. Both are feeling the stress of post-earthquake realities, but both are looking toward the future with faith and hope.

There are deep changes in Haiti, and they will be with us for a long time. Please keep praying that the country will not miss this window of opportunity to undergo a national transformation.


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